Nothing stirs up a little inspiration more than a good road trip. My husband and I were on our annual get away to Ojai, CA one of California's pretty little escapes, when we began discussing the vision for Milk & Honey Caravan. We love camping, planning events, and seeing people enjoy themselves during special occasions. Milk & Honey Caravan seemed to be the perfect mix!


A few months later, my husband surprised me with a cute little vintage camper he found in the Arizona desert. The camper was made in 1968, and barely survived the journey back to our home in SoCal. Needless to say...it needed a lot of work. 

After nearly 10 months of renovations, our dream has become a reality! We're out on the road, and Milk & Honey Caravan is being booked for weddings, pop-up shops, birthdays, non-profit conferences, corporate events, and more. 

The whole process has been a huge faith journey, and we're excited to see how things have come together. We'd love to join you for your next celebration.


RESERVE Milk & Honey Caravan today!

 - Exodus 3:17-

Here's a few pics from our journey >>>

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