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Nothing stirs up a little inspiration more than a good road trip. My husband and I were on our annual get away to Ojai, CA one of California's pretty little escapes, when we began discussing the vision for Milk & Honey Caravan. We love camping, planning events, and seeing people enjoy themselves during special occasions. Milk & Honey Caravan seemed to be the perfect mix!


A few months later, my husband surprised me with a cute little vintage camper he found in the Arizona desert. The camper was made in 1968, and barely survived the journey back to our home in SoCal. Needless to needed a lot of work. 

After nearly 10 months of renovations, our dream has become a reality! We're out on the road, and Milk & Honey Caravan is being booked for weddings, pop-up shops, birthdays, non-profit conferences, corporate events, and more. 

The whole process has been a huge faith journey, and we're excited to see how things have come together. We'd love to join you for your next celebration.


RESERVE Milk & Honey Caravan today!

 - Exodus 3:17-

Here's a few pics from our journey >>>

Work 1.jpg
Work 4.jpg
Work 2.jpg
Work 3.jpg
Work 6.jpg
Work 14.jpg
Work 7.jpg
Work 5.jpg
Work 17.jpg
Work 8.jpg
Work 10.jpg
Work 9.jpg
Work 16.jpg
M&h 13.jpg
Work 12.jpg
Work 13.jpg
Work 15.jpg
Work 11.jpg
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